Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Iron Man mark VII : The Avengers Movie Version Papercraft


Captain America and Iron man , both have always been my favorite marvel characters. So, when i saw the avengers movie and seeing them in the same screen kicking those chitauri.. really fulfill my childhood dream. the things that I used to do with the action figure, now comes true.

To honor that, i decide to make their papercraft. You might notice that papertoyadventures (all our papercraft are based form their contender template) already made them, but both from the own movie, not the avangers movie. So, here you are THE AVANGERS movie version of IRON MAN mark VII.... enjoy your papercrafting..


  1. It's cool it would be even better if it came with their voices to each page dirt over all I love it

  2. can you send a video of how to make it